Include List tab

Use this tab to make exceptions to the list of excluded files on the Exclude List tab. Include lists apply only to server-directed backups, not to user-directed backups.


Only a NetBackup administrator should make changes to this tab.

For example, a client directory named History appears in the Exclude Files List on the Exclude List tab. You want to back up a file named 100_bc.doc that resides in that directory. To back up the file without backing up the entire directory, add the 100_bc.doc file name to the Include File List.

The default include list applies to the C drive on the client. No policy and schedule are required. Any or all items in the list can be removed but the list cannot be deleted.

You can also create include lists for specific policies and the schedules that back up the client.

Table: Include List tab properties describes the properties on the Include List tab.

Table: Include List tab properties

Property name



Identifies the policy that the currently displayed Include File List affects.


Identifies the schedule that the currently displayed Include File List affects.

Include File

Used to enter the path to the file or folder that you want to exclude.

The Include File List is case sensitive unless configured otherwise on the NetBackup master server.


Click to move the information that appears in the Include File field to the Include File List.

Include File List

Shows the names of all files that are included.


Click to remove a selected file or folder from the Include File List.

New List

Click to create a new Include File List for a different policy and schedule combination. Duplicate policy and schedule combinations are not allowed.

Delete List

Click to delete the current list.


Click to view the previous list.


Click to view the next list.


Click to apply changes and close the dialog box.


Click to close the dialog box without applying changes.

More Information

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