DB2 Template Administration

DB2 Template Administration provides for the administration of existing templates.

Backup templates contain all of the information needed to perform DB2 backups. When saved from the wizards, templates are stored in a central location on the NetBackup server.

The DB2 Template Administration screen includes the following options:

Select Template

Displays all of the existing templates found on the current NetBackup server.

Select a template name from the Select Template list box to activate the action buttons (Run, Edit, Delete, Rename, and View).

Template Name

The name given when the template was created or renamed.


A short explanation of what the template contains. The following describes an example:

Two stream, full backup, including archived logs, no catalog.

Net service name

Also known as TNS alias. Used to indicate what database to use. Oracle translates the service name to a connect descriptor through the tnsnames.ora file. If this field is left blank, the selected Oracle SID determines what database to connect to.


Executes the selected template.


Changes the contents of an existing template. The selected template is loaded into the NetBackup for DB2 Backup Wizard.


Deletes the selected template. Only the creator of the template will be allowed to delete it.


Changes the name of the selected template. Only the creator of the template will be allowed to rename it.


Click to show a summary of the selected template.