Windows FilesNotToBackup

Windows 2000 and later releases maintain a list of files and folders that are excluded when you back up files using Microsoft Windows Backup. In Windows, it is known as the FilesNotToBackup list. NetBackup excludes those files and folders from server-directed backups even if they are not in the NetBackup Exclude File List for the client. These same items also are excluded from user-directed backups (unlike items in a NetBackup exclude list, which are not excluded from a user-directed operation).

If you attempt to use Backup, Archive, and Restore to back up a Windows excluded item, a message similar to the following appears:

Filtered FilesNotToBackup Object: file_or_folder_name

The NetBackup Client Job Tracker reports success only because it sent the backup request to the server. The NetBackup Administration Console Activity Monitor shows a status of 0 for the job, but no files are backed up.