Help menu

Table: Help menu options describes the available options on the Help menu.

Table: Help menu options




Opens the online Help with the Contents tab active.

Search For Help On...

Opens the online Help with the Search tab active so you can search by keywords.

How to Use Help

Opens the online Help and describes how to use it.


Opens the Troubleshooter dialog box so you can look up NetBackup status codes.

See Troubleshooter dialog box.

Symantec Web Page

Opens the Symantec Web site in your Internet browser.

Current NBAC User

Opens a dialog box that lists the following access credentials for the current user:

  • User name

  • Domain

  • Expiration date

  • Authentication type

  • Who issued the credentials

This option is available only if NetBackup Access Management controls access to your NetBackup environment.

About Backup, Archive, and Restore

Shows the information about the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface, including the version number.