About specifying NetBackup clients

Depending on your NetBackup environment and your user privileges, you can specify the following clients when you perform a restore:

Source client

The client that contains the backups you want to restore.

Destination client

The NetBackup client that receives the backed up items for the restore.

To specify destination clients, you must be a system administrator using the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface on a system with NetBackup server software installed.

If you restore backups from your own client computer, you should specify your client name. Normally, if user-directed operations are allowed in your NetBackup environment, your client name should already be specified.

If you restore backups to your client that are from another client, you should specify the other client name. You can restore files from other client backups only if the NetBackup administrator has set up privileges to allow it.

See Specifying the source client.

See Specifying the destination client.

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