Finding backup images by keyword phrase

Use the following procedure to find a backup image that was linked to a keyword during a backup job. Only user-directed backups can have any keywords that are associated with them.

To find backup images by keyword

  1. Open a Restore window. (Click File > Select Files and Folders to Restore, and then click a restore type.)

  2. In the NetBackup History pane, select the backup images that you think contain the items you want.

  3. Click Actions > Search Backups.

  4. In the Search Backups dialog box, in the Search Folder field, specify the root directory (:\) .

  5. To perform case-insensitive searches, click Perform case-insensitive search.

  6. In the Keyword Phrase field, enter the keyword phrase.

  7. If necessary, enter a Start Date and End Date.

    The start date and end date represent the range of backups that NetBackup searches. By default, the start date is the time of the last full backup. The end date is the time of the most recent backup.

    If you change the start date or end date, NetBackup clears all restore selections.

  8. Click Search.

    If a matching backup image is found, the Restore window displays the image and its contents. If more than one matching backup image is found, all of them appear.