Finding the items you want to restore

By default, all backup images since (and including) the most recent full backup appear in the NetBackup History pane.

By default, the Contents pane shows the files from the most recent backup. To see all backups, click View > Show All Backups.


If the client belongs to more than one policy, NetBackup selects all backup images since the earlier of the most recent backups from those policies.

If you select Show All Backups, the files you want to restore still may not appear. NetBackup provides other methods for you to find the items you want to restore.

Use any of the following methods to search for the items you want to restore that are not currently displayed:

To search for files and directories (folders) by name:

See Searching for items to restore.

To find items in the list of items already displayed in the Contents pane:

See Finding items in the Contents pane.

To select other backup images because the item is not in the selected backup image(s):

See Restoring by backup date.

To find backup images by searching for a keyword:

See Finding backup images by keyword phrase.

More Information

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