Adding NetBackup credentials for VMware

The NetBackup server requires logon credentials to access the VMware ESX servers or the VMware VirtualCenter. In the NetBackup Administration Console, do the following.

To add NetBackup credentials

  1. Click Media and Device Management > Credentials > Virtual Machine Servers.

  2. Click Actions > New > New Virtual Machine Server and enter the fully qualified domain name of the virtual machine server (VirtualCenter or ESX server).

  3. In the Credentials pane of the Virtual Machine Server dialog, enter the following:

    Virtual machine server type

    Select the type of virtual machine:

    • VMware VirtualCenter server

      For a vCenter server (or VirtualCenter server) that manages multiple VMware ESX servers.

      Note: If you have a vCenter server, do not enter logon credentials for individual ESX servers. NetBackup uses the credentials for the vCenter only.

    • VMware ESX server

      For ESX servers where there is no vCenter server (or VirtualCenter). Use this dialog box to enter credentials for each ESX server.

    • VMware restore ESX server

      For an ESX server to which NetBackup can restore virtual machines directly, bypassing the vCenter server. This option is intended for restores that use the SAN transfer type.

      Restoring a virtual machine through the vCenter server (instead of directly to an ESX server) may result in a slower restore over the SAN.

    User name

    Enter the user name for the virtual machine server. Note that spaces in user names are not allowed.


    Enter the password (and confirm it) for the virtual machine server.

    Validate Credentials

    Select this box to have the credentials verified. When you click OK, NetBackup verifies that the credentials you have entered are currently valid for the virtual machine server. An invalid entry that you enter during this session is deleted from the dialog.

    If your VMware backup host is running a version of NetBackup that is earlier than 6.5.4, the credentials cannot be validated. An error message is displayed. You must verify that the credentials you entered are correct for the VMware server. If the credentials are correct, you can ignore the error message.

    Connect using port number

    This option applies only to backups that use VCB.

    Unless the port number was changed on the VMware server, no port specification is required if you use VCB 1.1 or later. If the Connect using port number box is checked, deselect it. VCB determines the port.

    If you use a version of VCB that is older than 1.1, click the Connect using port number box and use the default port 902.


    If you select port 902 and use an ESX server 3.5 or later, the VMware backup host is unable to communicate with the VirtualCenter or ESX servers. The attempt to back up the virtual machines fails. The credentials validation also fails if you selected Validate Credentials.

  4. Click OK.

  5. If your site has multiple ESX servers but no vCenter server, use the Virtual Machine Server dialog to enter credentials for each ESX server.