About restoring the NetBackup image database

Restoring the NetBackup image database involves critical policy backup restores and image database recovery. Only system administrators can restore the NetBackup image database.

The following describes the processes that are required to restore the NetBackup image database:

Manual recovery of a hot, online catalog backup

Before you recover the entire image database, perform a manual recovery of a hot, online catalog backup to restore critical policy backups. The recovered catalog backup must be an incremental backup. Because the image database can be large and take a long time to recover, you can restore critical data first.

In a manual recovery of an incremental catalog backup, the NetBackup Catalog Recovery wizard recovers the image file and associated .f file(s) for the catalog backup. These files are the metadata that identify the NetBackup image database that was included in the catalog backup. The NetBackup image database is not recovered, only the metadata that identifies it.

Restore of records in the image database that identify critical policy backups

After the recovery wizard recovers the database metadata, use the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface to browse that metadata. Then restore the records in the image database that identify the critical policy backups you want to restore.

The image database is a collection of image files and associated .f files. When a record of a backup is restored, its image file and the associated .f file are also restored. To identify critical policy backups, you must know from which client those backups occurred.

After restoring the image database records that identify the critical policy backups, restore those backups. Then use Backup, Archive, and Restore to restore the remainder of the image database.