About virtual hard disk (VHD) file restores

For Windows 2008 R2 clients and Windows 7 clients, you can restore backed up files to a new VHD file. On the Restore Marked Files dialog box, select Create and restore to a new virtual hard disk file. This option redirects the selected files to a new VHD file.

When you select this option, you must specify a new path and a new file name for the VHD file. The location that you specify must be to a local destination and not a network destination. Once the file is restored, you can copy it to any network location. Also, do not add the .vhd extension to the file name. The extension is added automatically as part of the restore.

You must also configure the properties that specify the size of the VHD file and its behavior. See "Restore Marked Files" dialog box for complete details.

See Restore Marked Files dialog box.


To avoid overwriting existing files, Symantec does not recommend restores to existing VHD files.