About redirecting a restore to a different client

Normally, files are restored to the same client from where they were backed up. NetBackup also lets you restore files from other client backups.

The following methods can be used to redirect a restore to a different client:


NetBackup can be configured to allow a client to restore files from other client backups. The client computer where you perform the restore is where the files are restored.

For example, you are logged on to Client A. You want to restore files to Client A that were backed up from Client B.


By default, Backup, Archive, and Restore allows the system administrator to direct restores from the master server to any client. Also by default, NetBackup clients are configured to accept server-directed restores of other client backups.

A server-directed restore cannot be done with a database extension product such as NetBackup for Oracle.

See Redirecting a restore to a different client.

See Preventing server-directed restores.

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