About restoring from a FlashBackup backup

FlashBackup combines the speed of raw partition backups and the ability to restore either the entire partition or individual files and directories (folders). FlashBackup is available only with the NetBackup Snapshot Client option.

For more information, see the NetBackup Snapshot Client Administrator's Guide.

When you restore a partition from a FlashBackup backup, the entire partition is restored. As a result, all previous data on the destination drive is overwritten.


On Windows systems, the terms volume or disk image often describe a partition. For these FlashBackup instructions, the term partition is used for both Windows and UNIX systems.

The procedure for restoring an entire partition differs from the procedure for restoring individual items.

See Guidelines for restoring from a FlashBackup backup.

See Restoring a partition from a FlashBackup backup.

See Restoring individual items from a FlashBackup backup.