About restoring from Backup Exec backups

NetBackup can read and restore some backup images from NetBackup Backup Exec for Windows (versions 7.0 and later). To restore Backup Exec images in NetBackup, the NetBackup administrator must first import the images into NetBackup.

For information about importing Backup Exec images into NetBackup, see the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I.

NetBackup can restore the following images that are created by Backup Exec:


The redirection format for Backup Exec images is the same as the redirection format for NetBackup images. However, NetBackup does not support restores of Backup Exec Netware non-SMS backups that were created with the Netware redirector.

See Differences between NetBackup and Backup Exec backup type descriptions.

See Restoring from Backup Exec backups.