Backup Files dialog box

This dialog box appears after you initiate a backup or an archive job. It shows the items that are marked for back up.

Use this dialog box to review your backup selections and specify backup options before you continue the operation.

Table: Backup Files dialog box properties describes the dialog box options.

Table: Backup Files dialog box properties

Dialog box property


NetBackup server

Identifies the server that is selected to perform the backup.

To change the NetBackup server that performs the backup, click in this field and select a different server from the drop-down list.

Files marked for backup

Shows a list of the marked items to be backed up.

Archive files (delete files after successful backup)

Lets you archive all items that are marked for backup. When you select this option, all marked items are deleted from the source drive (client) after they are backed up successfully.

Keyword phrase to associate with the backup (optional)

Lets you enter a keyword phrase that NetBackup associates with the image created for the backup. The phrase can be used later when you search for items to restore.

Keyword phrases can be up to 128 characters in length. All printable characters are permitted, including a period.

The default is no keyword phrase.

Start Backup

Initiates the backup or archive operation.


Closes the dialog box without backing or archiving up files.


Click open the online Help for the dialog box.