nbdb_backup — run the program that is used to make a backup of the databases in a directory


<nbu_dir_path>nbdb_backup [-dbn database_name] [-offline | -online] destination_directory [-tlog_only] [-truncate_tlog]

On Windows systems, <nbu_dir_path> is <install_path>\NetBackup\bin\


The nbdb_backup enables the customer to make either an online backup or offline backup of the SQL Anywhere files to a file system directory. Use this command to perform maintenance operations and to make a copy of a database.


-dbn database_name

Sets the database that is identified by database_name to be backed up. The possible databases are NBDB and BMRDB. The default is to back up both databases if they are installed on the server.

-offline | -online

Enables either an offline or an online backup of the SQL Anywhere database files.

  • Online backup - the database is up and in operation during the backup.

  • Offline backup - shuts down the database.


Identifies the directory where the backup is stored.


For an online backup, this option generates only the database transaction log backup along with the configuration files.


For an online backup, this option truncates the database transaction log after the backup completes.