NBCC — run the NetBackup consistency check (NBCC) utility.


<nbu_support_dir_path>NBCC [-batch] [-cluster] [-debug] [-gather] [-help] [-idar] [-kbfree ####] [-nozip] [-nqahn] [-terse] [-upgrade] [-version] [-use_reg_cmd [32 | 64]]

On Windows systems, <nbu_support_dir_path> is <install_path>\NetBackup\bin\support\


The NBCC command executes the NBCC utility that is used to confirm the integrity of portions of the NetBackup catalog that is related to tape media. This check includes the review of configured storage units, EMM servers, tape media, and images that are associated with tape media.

If NBCC detects catalog inconsistencies, it generates a set of output files. It can create a support package bundle of these files by using available system utilities.

More information about the NBCC utility is available in the Using NetBackup Utilities section of the NetBackup Troubleshooting Guide.



Runs NBCC in a non-interactive mode. In this mode, the following occurs:

  • If the output report already exists, NBCC automatically overwrites it.

  • NBCC does not override a failed NetBackup cluster server detection.

  • If NBCC detects no NetBackup catalog inconsistencies, it does not create a support package.


Indicates that either the master server or a media server is part of a failover cluster.


Adds additional program debug information to the nbcc-info.txt file, which greatly increases the size of this file.


Gathers NetBackup configuration and catalog information only. This option does not check NetBackup catalog consistency.


Outputs a more expanded version of help information about the NBCC utility.


Includes the identification of the abandoned tape media resources in the consistency check.

-kbfree #####

Specifies the amount of free file system space that is required to run NBCC. Only whole numbers are allowed. The default value is located in the help output.


Skips the creation of a support package bundle. The generated NBCC files remain in the output directory.


Skips the check for configured host services and for hostname aliases for any detected hostnames that are not part of the default nbcc-server-aliases file. Use this option in the following situations:

  • The nbcc-server-aliases file is up-to-date and complete.

  • You want to override the configured host services that do not work or are unresponsive with nbcc-server-aliases entries.


Extracts only the fields that are associated with the consistency checks from each catalog record into the individual catalog content files.


Includes only the consistency checks that relate to the ability to upgrade the NetBackup catalog.

-use_reg_cmd [32 | 64]

Forces NBCC to use the Reg.exe utility to query the Windows registry. The version of Reg.exe that supports the /reg:32 or the /reg:64 command line parameters must be installed so that this option works correctly.

This option operates only on Windows systems.


Outputs the internal version number of NBCC.