bpminlicense — manage NetBackup license file


<admin_dir_path>bpminlicense [-path license_key_file | -M server] [-debug] [-verbose] [-list_keys] [-nb_features | -sm_features]

<admin_dir_path>bpminlicense [-path license_key_file | -M server] [-debug] [-verbose] -find_keys | -delete_keys | -add_keys keystring1 .. keystringn

<admin_dir_path>bpminlicense -nb_ufid fid [-debug] [-verbose]

On Windows systems, <admin_dir_path> is <install_path>\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\


The bpminlicense utility manages a NetBackup license file. The preferred method to manage NetBackup licenses is to use the Help > License Keys panel in the NetBackup Administration Console. For UNIX servers, you may use the get_license_key utility to manage the NetBackup licenses. This action is preferred to this command.

Any authorized user can run this command.

For more information about NetBackup authorization, refer to the NetBackup Security and Encryption Guide.


-add_keys | -delete_keys | -find_keys keystring1 .. keystringn

Respectively, these options find and list, add, or delete one or more specified keystrings in the NetBackup license file.


Displays detailed information to standard error.


Lists the keys in the NetBackup license file.

-M server

Use the standard NetBackup license file from the specified NetBackup server.


Lists only active NetBackup feature IDs (and active keys when specified with the -verbose option).

-nb_ufid fid

Displays licensing information for a specific feature ID. For capacity-based features, the VALUE field is the total licensed capacity of all active license keys for the feature.


Lists only active Storage Migrator feature IDs (and active keys when specified with the -verbose option).

-path license_key_file

Uses the specified license_key_file on the local system. The default is the standard NetBackup license file.


Displays additional information to standard output. This option is ignored when used with the -nb_ufid option.



In the following example, the administrator wants license information on feature 78, an OpenStorage Disk Option:

# bpminlicense -nb_ufid 78
0x05000000;PRID=6 (NetBackup Enterprise Server);FID=78 (OpenStorage 
Disk Option);SERIAL=0;VALUE=10; DEXPIRE=2007/07/31 01:00:00 0 (Not 
expired); UXDEXPIRE=1185861600 0 (Not expired); 


In the following example, the administrator wants to know if an active PureDisk license is installed:

# ./bpminlicense -verbose
  file version	= 0x05000000
  time added	= 0x46388201 Wed May 02 07:20:17 2007
  hostname		= hagar
  product ID	= 6 NetBackup Enterprise Server
  serial number   = 0
  key version	 = 0x05000000
  count		 = 0
  server platform = 0 Any platform
  client platform = 0 Any platform
  server tier	 = 10 NetBackup Enterprise Server
  client tier	 = 0 No tier
  license type	= 4 Not for resale
  OEM ID		= 16 Unknown OEM: 16
  Expiration	= Not expired Tue Jul 31 01:00:00 2007
  Time Left	 = 84 Days
  Firm Expiration = Not expired Tue Jul 31 01:00:00 2007
  Feature ID	= 87 PureDisk Storage Upgrade +
  Feature ID	= 86 PureDisk Remote Office +
  Feature ID	= 85 PureDisk Option +
  Feature ID	= 84 SAN Client +
  Feature ID	= 83 PureDisk MS Exchange Agent +