tpext — update EMM database device mappings and external attribute files


<nbu_dir_path>tpext -loadEMM

On Windows systems, <nbu_dir_path> is <install_path>\NetBackup\bin\


The tpext command updates the EMM database with new versions of the device mappings and external attribute files.


Before you repopulate this data, make sure that you have the most current support for new devices. New devices are added approximately every two months.

  • Obtain the external_types.txt mapping file from

  • On the EMM server or the master server, place external_types.txt in the following directory to replace the current external_types.txt file:

    Windows systems: install_path\var\global
  • Repopulate the EMM data by running the tpext utility:

    Windows systems: install_path\Volmgr\bin\tpext -loadEMM

During regular installation, tpext is run automatically.


If you use the create_nbdb command to create a database manually, you must also run the tpext utility. tpext loads EMM data into the database.