NetBackup status code: 89

Message: problems encountered during setup of shared memory

Explanation: The NetBackup processes use shared memory for some operations. This status is returned when an error is encountered in the initialization of the shared memory by the operating system's APIs.

Recommended Action: Check for a shared memory problem. This error can occur if the system cannot allocate enough shared memory. It usually occurs with multiplexing, which increases the amount of shared memory required for the operation. An entry similar to the following may be seen in a NetBackup log or report:

	system cannot allocate enough shared memory

If you see this type of message, refer to your platform vendor documentation for instructions on how to increase shared memory on your system.

For older levels of Solaris: you may need to change one or more default System V Shared Memory settings to prevent jobs failing with "system cannot allocate enough shared memory," as follows.


If you modify any of these values in the /etc/system file, you must reboot the system with boot -r for the new settings to take effect.

Refer to your vendor documentation for detailed instructions on how to modify these values. Note that these shminfo parameters are not applicable to Solaris 10.