NetBackup status code: 509

Message: Can not execute program.

Explanation: The NetBackup-Java authentication or user service reported an error that relates to the creation (or demise) of a child job process. The NetBackup-Java service programs create separate jobs to accomplish specific tasks, as follows. The NetBackup-Java authentication service creates the NetBackup-Java user service. When it is created and connected to, the NetBackup-Java user service creates all other child processes on behalf of requests from the NetBackup-Java interface.

The cause of status code 509 can be found in the appropriate log file, either for bpjava-msvc, bpjava-susvc, or bpjava-usvc.

The cause can be categorized as one of the following:

Recommended Action: Do the following, as appropriate:

The error is probably the result of a system resource issue. When detailed debug logging is enabled, you can retrieve the details from the bpjava-msvc, bpjava-susvc, or bpjava-usvc log files.