NetBackup status code: 290

Message: one or more errors detected during eject processing

Explanation: This error occurs when more than one error is encountered during an eject procedure by vltopmenu. Any "eject" errors that range from 291 to 300 may have occurred in any of the sessions being ejected.

Recommended Action: For detailed information, review the Vault debug log in the following directory:

	UNIX and Linux: /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/vault
	Windows: install_path\NetBackup\logs\vault

Also review the summary.log in each of the sidxxx directories that had problems:

	UNIX and Linux: 

(where xxx is the session ID)

After the problem is identified and corrected, the media that were not ejected may need to be ejected manually by means of vlteject or vltopmenu.

This error often indicates that the media were left in the off-site Vault volume group but physically reside in the robot or the robotic MAP.

To solve this problem, do one of the following: