LiveUpdate Clients tab

In the Clients tab, enter the NetBackup server or client name that you want updated when the LiveUpdate policy is run.

You must enter only the names of computers that have NetBackup 6.5 or later, with the NetBackup LiveUpdate agent installed and configured.

After all client names are entered, click OK.

If your LiveUpdate Server Location is configured as a file share, you can still include both Windows and UNIX clients in your LiveUpdate Policy. NetBackup then attempts to map the specified location to the appropriate path name syntax on the target platform.

For more information about including both Windows and UNIX clients in a single LiveUpdate policy, refer to the NetBackup LiveUpdate Guide. See the section "About LiveUpdate file share servers and LiveUpdate policies with Windows and UNIX clients".

For information on how to use LiveUpdate to update NetBackup, see the NetBackup LiveUpdate Guide.

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