Snapshot method wizard screen

This screen provides three ways to select a snapshot method for the backup:

Recommended: (snapshot method)

The recommended snapshot is based on your selections in previous screens in the wizard. The policy is set to use this method.

Automatic Selection (chosen at time of backup)

NetBackup chooses the snapshot method when the backup starts. This option has the following advantages over the recommended method and manual selection:

  • At the time of backup, NetBackup selects a snapshot method that works based on how the client is configured at that moment. For example: the VxFS or VxVM license on the client has expired or the client was recently reconfigured. NetBackup takes this information into account to select a snapshot method. But, if the policy is preset to use a particular method, the policy may go out of date and have to be changed. For example: NetBackup chooses the recommended method.

  • With automatic selection at time of backup, NetBackup uses a different snapshot method for each item in the Backup Selections list, if needed. This function gives NetBackup more flexibility in the selection of a snapshot method.

Manual Selection (chosen below)

Click this option to select the method from the Method pane.

Method type

Click a method type to show a particular type of method in the Method pane.


The wizard displays only those snapshot methods that are appropriate for the client and asset you selected earlier.


Click this option for a pop-up that lists the advantages of the method you chose.

On UNIX: in the pane at the bottom of the screen is a list of the advantages of the snapshot method you selected in the Method pane.