Adding a script or template

This dialog box lets you add scripts and templates to a NetBackup database policy.

For Oracle policies only:

Use the Template set list to select whether to perform an Oracle_RMAN backup or an Oracle_XML_Export operation. Click Add All to include all available Oracle templates in the policy.

To add a script or template

  1. Enter the name of the script or template as follows:


    Type only the file name of the template, for example, weekly_full_backup.tpl or select a template name from the drop-down list.


    Type the name of the script, including the full pathname on the client. Or, click Browse and search for the script or directive in the client Browse window. Be sure that the script is installed on each client that is specified on the Clients tab.

    NetBackup runs scripts and directives in the order in which they appear in the Backup Selections list.

  2. Click Insert to add the script or template at a particular place in the list. Insert adds the new script or template above the selected list entry.

  3. Click Add to append the new script or template name to the end of the Backup Selections list.

  4. When you finish adding scripts or templates, click Close.