Find Advanced tab

Define the following search criteria:


Select a field to be searched.


Select a method for comparison.


Enter the operational characters.

Match case

Check to perform a case-sensitive comparison.

Define the following search criteria, then click Add to include the definition in the criteria list. To remove search criteria, select the definition in the criteria list and click Remove.

Select one of the following:

Items that are entered in more than one field are considered to be an AND search. (Both items need to be found in order for a match to be made.)

Field width can be increased or decreased with the mouse.

Clear button

Click to remove all search criteria from the Find dialog box.

Find All button

Click to select all of the occurrences in the table that match the search criteria.

Find button

Click to select the next occurrence in the table that matches the search criteria.

Cancel button

Click to close the dialog box without performing a search.