SharedDisk disk pool properties

The following are the disk pool properties

Table: SharedDisk disk pool properties




The disk pool name.

Media servers

The media servers that connect to the disk array. All media servers must be the same system type (such as all Solaris).

Total size

The total amount of space available in the disk pool.

Total raw size

The total raw, unformatted size of the storage in the disk pool.

Number of volumes

The number of volumes in the disk pool.


A comment that is associated with the disk pool.

High water mark

The high water mark is a threshold that triggers image cleanup. NetBackup expires the images that are no longer valid until the low water mark is reached.

The default is 98%.

When an individual disk volume is full, NetBackup chooses a different volume in the pool to write backup images to. When the disk pool is full, NetBackup fails any backup jobs that are assigned to the disk pool storage unit.

Low water mark

When the capacity of the disk pool returns to the low water mark, NetBackup stops expiring images. Capacity is regained as backup images expire.

The low water mark setting cannot be greater than or equal to the high water mark setting.

The default is 80%