About the Vault Inventory report

The Vault Inventory (or Inventory List for Vault) report shows media that are offsite at the vault vendor and media being sent offsite (outbound media in transit to the vault).

To appear in this report, media must be:

Symantec recommends that you send this report to your vault vendor so they can verify that they have the volumes that Vault indicates are at the vault vendor.

Report settings:

Column descriptions in the Vault Inventory report are as follows:


The date when the volume was assigned by NetBackup Media Manager.


The ID of the container in which the volume resides in the vault. (Container vaulting only.)


Date when the images on the volume expire.


The type of media:

  • NBU. NetBackup media that contains backup images.

  • New NBU CTLG. Catalog backup media from NetBackup 6.0 and later releases.

  • Add-on. Media not managed by NetBackup.


The ID of the media.


The ID of the slot in which the volume resides in the offsite vault. (Slot vaulting only.)


The name of the vault to which the volume's profile belongs. (Consolidated report only.)

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