About pending requests and actions

If a tape mount requires a specific volume, the request appears in the Pending Requests pane of the Device Monitor window. For example, if NetBackup requires a specific volume for a restore operation, NetBackup loads or requests the volume.

Table: Pending states

Pending state


Pending request

A pending request is for a tape mount that NetBackup cannot service automatically. Operator assistance is required to complete the request. NetBackup displays the request in the Pending Requests pane.

NetBackup assigns pending status to a mount request when it cannot determine the following:

  • Which stand-alone drive to use for a job.

  • Which drive in a robot is in Automatic Volume Recognition (AVR) mode.

Pending action

A tape mount request becomes a pending action when the mount operation encounters problems, and the tape cannot be mounted. Operator assistance is required to complete the request, and NetBackup displays an action request in the Pending Requests pane. Pending actions usually occur with drives in robotic libraries.

The Pending Requests pane appears only if requests await action or when NetBackup acts on a request. After all requests are resolved (automatically by NetBackup or manually by operator intervention), the Pending Requests pane disappears.

If NetBackup cannot service a media-specific mount request automatically, it changes the request or action to a pending state.

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