About the Jobs tab

The Jobs tab displays all jobs that are in process or that have completed for the master server currently selected.


Job selection preference is given to jobs from NetBackup 6.0 media servers over media servers of previous versions.

For some backup jobs, a parent job is used to perform pre- and post-processing. Parent jobs display a dash (-) in the Schedule column. A parent job runs the start and end notify scripts (PARENT_START_NOTIFY, PARENT_END_NOTIFY) from the master server:


The role of the parent job is to initiate requested tasks in the form of children jobs.

The tasks vary, depending on the backup environment, as follows:

Snapshot Client

The parent job creates the snapshot, initiates children jobs, and deletes the snapshot when complete.

Children jobs are created if the Snapshot Client settings are configured to retain snapshots for Instant Recovery, then copy snapshots to a storage unit. (Snapshots and copy snapshots to a storage unit is selected in the policy Schedule Attributes tab.)

Children jobs are not created if the Snapshot Client settings are configured to retain snapshots for Instant Recovery, but to create snapshots only. That is, the snapshot is not backed up to a storage unit, so no children jobs are generated. (Snapshots only is selected in the policy Schedule Attributes tab.)

Bare Metal Restore

The parent job runs brmsavecfg, then initiates the backup as a child job. If multistreaming and BMR are used together, the parent job can start multiple children jobs.

Online, hot catalog backups

The parent job for catalog backups works with bpdbm to initiate multiple children backup jobs:

  • A Sybase backup

  • A file system backup of the master server

  • A backup of the BMR database, if necessary

Multiple copies

A multiple copies job produces one parent job and multiple child jobs. Child jobs that are part of a multiple copies parent job cannot be restarted individually. Only the parent job (and subsequently all the children jobs) can be restarted.

Multiple data streams

The parent job performs stream discovery and initiates children jobs. A parent job does not display a schedule in the Activity Monitor. Instead, a dash (-) appears for the schedule because the parent schedule is not used and the children schedules may be different. The children jobs display the ID of the parent job in the Activity Monitor.


The parent job runs a resolver process during which children jobs are started. This process is similar to the stream discovery for multiple data streams. If multiple data streams are enabled, some children jobs can be split into multiple streams.


The parent job starts the Vault profile. Then, the Vault profile starts the duplicates as jobs. The duplicates do not appear as children jobs in the Activity Monitor.

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