Initiating an import without the Import Wizard

Use the following procedure to initiate an import without the Import Wizard.

To initiate an import without the Import Wizard

  1. To import Backup Exec media, run the vmphyinv physical inventory utility to update the Backup Exec media GUID in the NetBackup Media Manager database. Run the command only once after creating the media IDs in the NetBackup Media Manager database.

  2. To import the images from tape, make the media accessible to the media server so the images can be imported.

  3. In the NetBackup Administration Console, expand NetBackup Management > Catalog.

  4. Select Actions > Initiate Import.

  5. Enable the Use Import Images Wizard option to have the Import Wizard guide you through Phase I of the import process.

  6. In the Media Server field, specify the name of the host that contains the volume to import. This media server becomes the media owner.

  7. Indicate the location of the image. Under Image type, select whether the images to be imported are located on tape or on disk.

    • If images are on tape:

      • In the Media ID field, type the Media ID of the volume that contains the backups to import.

      • Check whether or not the images to import are password-protected Backup Exec images.

      • Validate the Backup Exec password by retyping the password in the field provided.

    • If images are on disk

      • In the Disk type field, select the type of the disk storage unit on which to search for backup images. The disk types depend on which NetBackup options are licensed.

      • If the disk type references a disk pool, enter or select the disk pool and the disk volume ID.

        For a BasicDisk type, enter or browse to the path to the images in the field provided.

        For a NearStore disk type, select or enter the name of the NearStore server and the NearStore volume.

    Click OK.

  8. Click OK to begin reading the catalog information from the source volume.

  9. Click on the Catalog Results tab to watch as NetBackup looks at each image on the tape. NetBackup determines whether or not each image has expired and can be imported. The job also displays in Activity Monitor as an Import type. Select the import job log to view the job results.

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