Database transaction log

The transaction log for the NetBackup database is necessary for recovering the database. It is automatically truncated after a successful catalog backup.

The transaction log, NBDB.log, is located by default in the following directory:


The transaction log continues to grow until it becomes truncated. Catalog backups must run frequently enough so that the transaction log does not grow to fill the file system.

In addition to the default transaction log, a mirrored transaction log can be created for additional protection of NBDB by using:

The log is named in the following manner:


The directory for the mirrored log should not be the same as the directory for the default transaction log. Ideally, the mirrored log should be located on a file system on a different physical disk drive.

If BMR is installed, a transaction log for BMRDB is also created by default in:


It has an optional mirrored log in the following location:


The BMRDB transaction logs are backed up and truncated during the catalog backup along with the NBDB transaction logs.


If a catalog backup is not run, the logs are not truncated. Truncation must be managed in this manner as it is critical to recovery of the database.