Frequency schedule type

Use the Frequency attribute to specify how much time must elapse between the successful completion of a scheduled task and the next attempt.

For example, assume that a schedule is set up for a full backup with a frequency of one week. If NetBackup successfully completes a full backup for all clients on Monday, it does not attempt another backup for this schedule until the following Monday.

NetBackup recognizes the intervals that suggest schedules based on days, even if the job does not run daily. For example, if the frequency is 48 hours, NetBackup attempts to run the job about the same time on those days that it is to run. (NetBackup checks if the frequency is divisible by 24 hours.) If the interval is 50 hours, NetBackup tries to run the job 50 hours after the last successful backup.

A frequency-based relocation schedule determines how often images are swept from the basic disk staging storage unit to the final destination storage unit. (A relocation schedule is created as part of a basic disk staging storage unit configuration.)

To set the frequency, select a frequency value from the drop-down list. The frequency can be hours, days, or weeks.


Frequency does not apply to user schedules because the user can perform a backup or archive whenever the time window is open.

See Open schedules and frequency-based scheduling.

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