Collect true image restore information policy attribute

The Collect true image restore information attribute specifies whether the policy collects the information necessary to perform a true image restore. That is, to restore the directory contents to reflect what the directories had contained at the time of an incremental or a full backup. Files that were deleted before the backup are not restored.

With the attribute enabled, a restore based on an incremental backup includes all files that were backed up since the last full backup. The restore also includes those files that were deleted at any time during that period.

NetBackup starts to collect the true image restore information with the next full or incremental backup for the policy. The true image restore information is collected for each client regardless of whether any files were changed.

NetBackup does not provide true image restores based on the time of a user backup or archive. However, NetBackup uses a user backup for a true image restore if the backup is more recent than the latest automatic full or incremental backup.

To include the files that were moved, renamed, or newly installed in the directories, enable With move detection for the true image incremental backups.

The following options require that Collect true image restore information with move detection be enabled:

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