Backup network drives policy attribute

The Backup network drives attribute is for use on single user systems, Win95, Win98, and ME. These operating systems are not supported with this version of NetBackup. The preferred method for backing up data from a computer that is not a NetBackup client is to use UNC paths. UNC paths are more precise and indicate exactly what should be backed up.

When Backup network drives or UNC paths are used, the network drives must be available to the service account that the NetBackup Client service logs into at startup. By default, the startup account is set to System. You must change this account on each Windows client that is backed up that contains data that is shared from another computer.

Backup network drives must be checked when policies back up to CD ROM drives. For scheduled backups, the file list must indicate at least the first level of folders to be backed up. For example, D:\Folder1 instead of only D:\


Mapped drive letters cannot be backed up. Drive letters do not appear in the Backup, Archive, and Restore console when backups are browsed.

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