Checkpoint restart for backup jobs policy attribute

The Take checkpoints every check box specifies whether NetBackup takes checkpoints during a backup job. Indicate how often the policy should take checkpoints.

Checkpoints during a backup are beneficial if a backup fails. Without Take checkpoints every enabled, a failed backup restarts from the beginning of the job. By taking checkpoints periodically during the backup, NetBackup can retry a failed backup from the beginning of the last checkpoint rather than restart the entire job. Note that checkpoints cannot occur while a file is backed up. Checkpoints are saved at file boundaries and point to the next file in the list.

The Schedule backup attempts Global Attributes host property indicates the number of times that NetBackup tries a failed backup.

See Global Attributes properties .

Policy types MS-Windows (for Windows clients) and Standard (for UNIX clients) support this policy attribute. To see if this option is supported for a specific agent or option, refer to the manual for that agent or option.


Checkpoints are not taken for a user archive schedule. If the user archive is resumed, it restarts from the beginning.

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