Policy storage policy attribute

The Policy storage attribute specifies the storage destination for the policy's data. Select the storage destination from the drop-down list. The drop-down list may contain storage units, storage lifecycle policies, and storage unit groups.

If the selection is configured to do so, the storage unit or lifecycle policy determines which type of disk staging is used for this policy.

See About staging backups.

The list includes only those lifecycles that are of the same data classification as the policy. For example, gold backup images cannot be sent to a silver storage lifecycle.

Images that belong to a specific data classification cannot be sent to a storage lifecycle that does not have a classification. To select a data classification is optional.

If the Any Available option is selected, NetBackup tries to store data on locally-attached storage units first. To force NetBackup to use only a locally-attached drive, select Must use local drive in the General Server properties.

See General Server properties.

If a local device is not found or if the Must use local drive attribute is not selected, NetBackup tries to find an available storage unit alphabetically.

If the Any Available option is selected, NetBackup uses the first storage unit that meets the following requirements:

An exception is the case in which a client is also a media server with locally-attached storage units. The local storage units take precedence over the sequence that is based on alphabetical order.

The storage unit that is selected on the Schedule tab, overrides the Policy storage attribute.

See Override policy storage schedule attribute.

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