When to use nbstlutil

NetBackup starts a duplication session every five minutes to copy data from a backup destination to a duplication destination. (Five minutes, or the frequency as designated by the DUPLICATION_SESSION_INTERVAL_MINUTES parameter.)

If the copy fails, the next three duplication sessions retry the copy. If the copy fails all three times, the copy is retried every two hours until it succeeds. (Two hours, or the frequency as designated by the IMAGE_EXTENDED_RETRY_PERIOD_IN_HOURS parameter.)

Use the nbstlutil command in the case of a hardware problem that may require more than 15 minutes to resolve. That is, the problem may take longer to resolve than three duplication sessions five minutes apart.

For example, a duplication job fails because the library has a hard failure. It may take longer than two hours to repair the library. The administrator may not want duplication jobs to begin every two hours. Use the nbstlutil command to inactivate the lifecycle while the library is repaired. When ready, the lifecycle can be activated and duplication jobs can begin.


Once reactivated, the administrator may want to temporarily change the IMAGE_EXTENDED_RETRY_PERIOD_IN_HOURS parameter to one hour to begin duplication jobs sooner.