Creating a storage lifecycle policy

A storage lifecycle can be selected within a backup policy similarly to how a storage unit is selected in a policy. If a storage lifecycle is selected, the images that the policy creates are written to all the destinations that are defined in the storage lifecycle.

To create a storage lifecycle policy

  1. In the NetBackup Administration Console, select NetBackup Management > Storage > Storage Lifecycle Policies.

  2. Click Actions > New > New Storage Lifecycle Policy.

  3. In the New Storage Lifecycle Policy dialog box, enter a Storage lifecycle policy name.

  4. Select a Data classification. (Optional.)

  5. Select the Duplication job priority. This is the priority that duplication jobs have in relationship to all other jobs. In duplication jobs, NetBackup duplicates data from a backup destination to a duplication destination within a lifecycle.

    See Duplication job priority setting.

  6. Click Add to add storage destinations to the lifecycle.

    See Adding a storage destination to a storage lifecycle policy.

    See Adding a hierarchical duplication destination.

  7. Click OK to create the storage lifecycle. After they are created, data classifications cannot be deleted.

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