Creating a storage unit group

The following procedure describes how to create a storage unit group.

To create a storage unit group

  1. In the NetBackup Administration Console, expand NetBackup Management > Storage.

  2. Right-click Storage Unit Groups and select New Storage Unit Group.

  3. Enter a storage unit group name for the new storage unit group.

    The storage unit group name is case sensitive.

  4. Add to or remove storage units from the group:

    • To add storage units to the group, select the storage units from the Storage units not in the group list. Click Add.

    • To remove storage units from the group, select the storage units from the Storage units in group list. Click Remove.

    • Storage units are listed in order of priority: The units at the top of the list have the highest priority in the group. To change the priority of a storage unit, select the storage unit and click Move Up or Move Down.


    OpenStorage, SnapVault, NearStore, and PureDisk storage units cannot be included in storage unit groups.

  5. Choose how storage units are to be selected within the group:

    One exception to the selection criteria is in the case of a client that is also a media server with locally connected storage units.

    See Exception to the storage unit selection criteria.

  6. Click OK.

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