Merging OpenStorage disk pools

Use the NetBackup nbdevconfig command to merge existing disk pools.

NetBackup updates the catalog records to show the correct location of the backup images in those disk pools.

The following are the prerequisites:

To merge OpenStorage disk pools

  1. Change the state of each disk pool to DOWN.

    See Changing OpenStorage disk pool state.

    If backup jobs are assigned to a disk pool, the state change fails. Cancel the backup jobs or wait until the jobs complete.

  2. Merge the disk pools. The following is the command syntax. The primary disk pool is the one you want to retain; nbdevconfig deletes the secondary disk pool after the merge.

    install_path\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\nbdev config - mergedps - stype server_type -primarydp disk_pool_name-secondarydp disk_pool_name

  3. Change the state of the primary disk pool to UP.

    See Changing OpenStorage disk pool state.