Adding volumes to an AdvancedDisk disk pool

You can expand a disk pool's capacity by adding disk volumes to the disk pool. The names of the new volumes must differ from the names of the volumes in the current disk pool.

The NetBackup storage units that use the disk pool use the additional storage capacity automatically. You do not have to change the storage units.

(By default, NetBackup automatically increases disk pool capacity if the capacity of the underlying disk volumes increases. Similarly, NetBackup decreases the capacity of a disk pool if the underlying disk volume capacity decreases.)

Table: Add volumes process for an AdvancedDisk disk pool



Create a disk pool from the new disk volumes on the storage server.

See Configuring an AdvancedDisk disk pool.

Merge the disk pools.

When you merge the disk pools, specify the original disk pool as the primary one. NetBackup deletes the secondary disk pool after the merge.

See Merging AdvancedDisk disk pools.