About using unique drive and media types to manage WORM media

You can assign a different drive and media type to all WORM drives and media. For example, configure standard drives and media as HCART and WORM-capable drives and media as HCART2.

This method lets you add both types of media in the scratch pool because NetBackup selects the correct media type for the drive type.

However, because each drive is limited to back ups and restores with a specific type of media, optimal drive usage may not be achieved. For example, the WORM-capable drives cannot be used for backups with standard media even if no WORM backups are in progress.

If you do not use WORM volume pools to manage WORM media, disable the WORM volume pool name verification. To disable the volume pool name verification, create the following touch file on the media server of the WORM drive:

/usr/openv/netbackup/db/config/DISABLE_WORM_POOLCHECK (UNIX)
install_path\netbackup\db\config\DISABLE_WORM_POOLCHECK (Windows)

Because Quantum drives use only a single media type, this method for managing the WORM media is unnecessary.