About supported WORM drives

NetBackup requires an SCSI pass-through driver to use WORM tape drives. NetBackup queries the drive to verify that drive is WORM-capable and that the media in the drive is WORM media. SCSI pass-through paths are provided on the server platforms NetBackup supports. SCSI pass-through paths may require special operating system configuration changes.

See the NetBackup Device Configuration Guide.

For information about the drives that NetBackup supports for WORM media, see the NetBackup Hardware Compatibility List on the Symantec support Web site:


All of the vendors except Quantum require the use of special WORM media.

Quantum lets NetBackup convert standard tape media to WORM media. To use Quantum drives for WORM media on Solaris systems, modify the st.conf file.

Information is available about how to configure nonstandard tape drives and how to edit the st.conf file.

See the NetBackup Device Configuration Guide.