Cleaning a tape drive from the Device Monitor

When you add a drive to NetBackup, you configure the automatic, frequency-based cleaning interval.

Also, you can perform an operator-initiated cleaning of a drive regardless of the cleaning frequency or accumulated mount time of the drive. However, appropriate cleaning media must be added to NetBackup.

After you clean a drive, reset the mount time.

Additional information about drive cleaning and TapeAlert is available.

See the NetBackup Administrator's Guide for Windows, Volume II.

Drive cleaning functions can also be performed from the Activity Monitor.

To clean a tape drive

  1. In the NetBackup Administration Console, expand Media and Device Management > Device Monitor.

  2. If a license that activates disk based features is installed, select the Drives tab.

  3. In the Drive Status pane, select the drive to clean.

  4. On the Actions menu, select Clean Now. NetBackup initiates drive cleaning regardless of the cleaning frequency or accumulated mount time.

    Clean Now resets the mount time to zero, but the cleaning frequency value remains the same. If the drive is a stand-alone drive and it contains a cleaning tape, NetBackup issues a mount request.

  5. For a shared drive (Shared Storage Option), do the following:

    In the list of hosts that share the drive, choose only one host on which the function applies. The Clean Now function can take several minutes to complete, so the cleaning information in the Drive Details dialog box may not be updated immediately.

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