Changing a drive operating mode

Usually you do not need to change the operating mode of a drive. When you add drive, NetBackup sets the drive state to UP in Automatic Volume Recognition (AVR) mode. Other operating mode settings are used for special purposes.

The drive operating mode is displayed and changed in the Device Monitor window.

To change the mode of a drive

  1. In the NetBackup Administration Console, expand Media and Device Management > Device Monitor.

  2. If an Enterprise Disk Option license is installed, select the Drives tab.

  3. In the Drive Status pane, select a drive or select multiple drives.

  4. From the Actions menu, choose the command for the new drive operating mode.

    Note that Up Drive, Operator control applies only to standalone drives.

  5. If the drive is configured with multiple device paths or is a shared drive (Shared Storage Option), a dialog box appears that contains a list of all device paths to the drive. Select the path or paths to change.

  6. Click OK.

More Information

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