Device Monitor Actions menu

The following table lists the actions available on the Device Monitor Actions menu:


Sets the drive UP in automatic volume recognition (AVR) mode. UP is the normal and the default mode for drives. In AVR mode, a robot automatically retrieves, mounts, unmounts, and stores volumes. Manual intervention is necessary only when a request causes an error.

For the stand-alone drives that use labeled volumes, NetBackup Media Manager automatically reads the recorded media ID and assigns the tape drive. (The volume must be mounted and the tape drive ready.)

For the stand-alone drives that use volumes without labels, assign tape drives to requests using Actions > Assign Request.

Up drive, operator control

Sets the operating mode of a stand-alone drive to up in operator control mode (OPR).

Do not use this mode for the drives that NetBackup currently uses.

Drive paths in OPR mode can be assigned automatically if they satisfy the mount request. The assignment of mount requests makes no distinction between AVR mode and OPR mode.

The Up Drive, Operator Control option appears on the menu only if it has been enabled. To enable this command, select View > Options > Device Monitor and select Show 'Up, Operator Control'.


Sets the operating mode of the drive to the down mode, and available for use. In this mode, the drive cannot be assigned to requests because NetBackup does not control the drive.


Resets the specified drive, which terminates the drive assignment and takes control away from the assigned user.

For the configurations that use the NetBackup Shared Storage Option, the drive is reset only on the device host being managed.

Applies only to NetBackup Enterprise Server.

Drive cleaning

Displays a submenu with choices for performing drive cleaning functions.

Change drive comment

Displays a dialog box for changing the comment for the selected drive. The comment is applied across all hosts that share the drive.

Drive details

Displays a dialog box with information about the selected drive. The information includes drive properties, drive status, and robotic library information.

Assign request

Assigns a drive to a pending request.

Deny request

Denies a pending request.

Resubmit request

Resubmits a pending request.

Display pending action

Displays the information about the pending action.

View status of shared drives

Displays a dialog box to display device allocation information about NetBackup Shared Storage Option configurations.

Stop/restart Device Manager Service

Controls the Media Manager device service.