Catalog Actions menu

The following table lists the actions available on the Catalog Actions menu:


NetBackup verifies the contents of a backup. First, it reads the volume. Then, NetBackup compares the contents to what is recorded in the NetBackup catalog.


NetBackup can create up to 10 copies of unexpired backups.


To expire a backup image means to force the retention period to expire. When the retention period expires, NetBackup deletes information about the backup. The files in the backups are unavailable for restores without first re-importing.

Initiate Import

Creates a list of expired catalog entries for the backups on the imported volume.


Images are selected for importing from the list of the expired images. The list of expired images is created when an import is initiated.

Set Primary Copy

Each backup is assigned a primary copy. NetBackup uses the primary copy to satisfy restore requests. The first backup image that is created successfully by a NetBackup policy is the primary backup. If the primary copy is unavailable and a duplicate copy exists, select a copy of the backup and set it to be the primary copy.

Restore NetBackup Catalog

Launches the Catalog Recovery Wizard to be used in a disaster recovery situation. Use this wizard only if the NetBackup environment was running the policy-based online, hot catalog backup as the catalog backup type.

For more information on catalog recovery, see the NetBackup Troubleshooting Guide.

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