File menu

The File menu contains the following options:

Change Server

Use to display the configuration for another NetBackup master or media server. The name of the current server appears in the status bar. To make Change Server available, select the master server in the tree on the left side of the NetBackup Administration Console.

New console

Opens a new NetBackup Administration Console.

New window from here

Opens another window in addition to those that are already open. If you are currently in Activity Monitor and select New Window From Here, the new window opens to Activity Monitor.

Login as New User ...

Use Login as New User to log into NetBackup as a different user. Login as New User prevents having to log out of the OS and log back in. For example, a NetBackup administrator may want to log on as the Security Administrator. As a Security Administrator, the administrator can use the Access Management utility for access control-related tasks. When complete, the Security Administrator can log on again as an administrator. As an administrator, typical administration tasks can continue.

Controlling access to NetBackup is discussed in the NetBackup Security and Encryption Guide.

For Login as New User to be enabled, Symantec Authentication and Authorization must be installed and configured on the system.

Backup, Archive, and Restore

Opens the client interface to perform backups and archives for this system, and restores for this system and other clients.


An archive is a special type of backup. During an archive, NetBackup first backs up the selected files, then deletes the files from the local disk if the backup is successful. References to backups also apply to the backup portion of archive operations except where otherwise noted.

Documentation for the NetBackup client is available as online Help from the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface.

MS SQL client

Shortcut to access the SQL server NetBackup client, if applicable.

Print setup

Displays the Print Setup dialog box to enter printer specifications.

Print Preview

Displays the print preview of the dialog box or pane currently in focus.


The LiveUpdate option provides a cross-platform, policy-driven method to distribute NetBackup patches to clients. Once they are configured, clients are updated per a LiveUpdate policy that is run manually.


Sends the active document through electronic mail. This command displays a mail window with the active document attached to it. Click the Send button to send the message.


Save configuration information or data to a file. The information can include the selected client, server, policy, host properties, storage unit, storage unit group, or device monitor information.


If more than one NetBackup window is open, Close closes only the currently selected window and does not exit NetBackup. If only one NetBackup window is open, NetBackup closes.


Closes the NetBackup application and all NetBackup Administration Consoles or NetBackup windows.

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