About NetBackup

NetBackup administrators can set up periodic or calendar-based schedules to perform automatic, unattended backups for clients across a network. An administrator can carefully schedule backups to achieve systematic and complete backups over a period of time, and optimize network traffic during off-peak hours. The backups can be full or incremental. Full backups back up all client files. Incremental backups back up only the files that have changed since the last backup.

The NetBackup administrator can allow users to back up, restore, or archive the files from their computer. (An archive operation backs up a file, then deletes it from the local disk if the backup is successful.)

NetBackup includes both the server and the client software as follows:

NetBackup accommodates multiple servers that work together under the administrative control of one NetBackup master server in the following ways:

During a backup or archive, the client sends backup data across the network to a NetBackup server. The NetBackup server manages the type of storage that is specified in the backup policy.

During a restore, users can browse, then select the files and directories to recover. NetBackup finds the selected files and directories and restores them to the disk on the client.