Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions. 4

What is the Microsoft Download Manager?. 4

Requirements. 4

Microsoft Download Manager Window.. 4

How do I resume downloading a file that is incomplete or failed?. 5

Why am I having trouble downloading my file?. 6

Disk space – how to free up disk space. 6

Privileges to write to disk. 6

Duplicate file naming issues. 7

Internet connection issues. 7

Firewall settings. 7

Proxy settings. 7

How do I change the location of where the file is downloaded to my computer?. 8

How can I make my file download faster?. 8

Why do I need to type in my username and password?. 8

Download Manager Tasks. 9

Manually installing Download Manager 9

Downloading a file. 10

Starting a new download. 10

Pausing or resuming a file download. 10

Opening a downloaded file. 11

Managing the download list 11

Download statuses. 11

Deleting a file from the list 12

Sorting the list 12

Changing download settings. 12

Manually changing proxy settings. 13

Using Internet Explorer proxy settings. 13

Changing the number of automatic retries when downloading a file. 14

Turning Microsoft Download Manager notifications on or off 14

Making files download faster 14

Licensing. 15


Mozilla Firefox. 17


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